Moc Moc

Moc Moc

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Make room for the most musical and entertaining bikes in the world. Please welcome Moc Moc, an original urban intervention that turns noise pollution into a particular and unique soundtrack where the audience becomes both composer and performer of the song.

But what is Moc Moc? Well, it is what we want it to be: a casual concert, an adaptable sketch or a tiny show, cabaret performance, entertainment… Moc Moc can be performed in a venue as a clown-musical show or in the street, where it becomes a 60 minutes long parade.

  • Genre: Clown – Street theatre
  • Duration: Galas: 12 minutes / Street: up to 60 minutes parade.
  • Both street and venue adapted
  • Suitable for all audiences






Art Director: Lapso Producciones y Jorge Barroso

Clowns: Rafael Rivera, Antonio Campos y Rafael Campos

Music: Lapso Producciones

Costume desing: Angie Paz / Engatosarte

Photography: Cuarto Revelado

Comunication: Noletia Comunicación y Gestión Cultural

Distribution: Lapso Producciones

Minimum technical requirements:

Stage dimensions: Street or venue // Width 5 m (16 ft) x length 4 m (13 ft))

Requirements for street performances:

  • Ground level or stage (single sketch)
  • For parades: itinerary must be agreed in advanced.


Please request lighting rider for venue performances.

Please request lighting rider for night street performances.

* If the organization can’t provide all needed technical equipment, the company will consider supplying the equipment when possible.


1 handheld microphone + boom stand

For parades: unplugged show.

Loading and unloading access:

Access and authorization for loading and unloading, as well as parking, are requested.


  • Dimensions: Van: 6 m (20 ft). Width 1.80 m (6 ft)


  • Loading and unloading: 15 minutes
  • Installation and testing (in venue or night street performances): 1h
  • Dismantling: 30 minutes
  • Running time: Galas: 12 minutes / Street: Up to 60 minutes parade.


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