Lapsus, una comedia onírica

Lapsus, una comedia onírica

LAPSUSicono idioma espanol

Lapsus, desconcierto acústico represents a different world, a dreamlike world, the place or the time where we find ourselves when we are in a daze, when our mind goes blank or escapes from reality. In Lapsus time is on a different level: it either goes faster or extends, either flies or stops…

In Lapsus the subconscious becomes movement, music – played alive- and humour. As time and genuine mistake act as catalysts for a number of conflicts that defy the laws of modern physics, the protagonist will experience an existential crisis in the lapse he is trapped into. The challenge: return to the real world he has escaped from.

  • Gestural Comedy
  • 50 minutes
  • Both street and venue adapted

· Show recommended by Comisión de Teatro y Circo de la Red (Theatre and Circus Commission).

· Included in SAREA catalogue of Recommended Shows

· II Award for Best Show and Special Mention of the Jury for the “brilliant technical execution”, Noctívagos 2013

· Nominated for Best Director, Premios Escenarios 2011









Art Director: Jorge Barroso 

Cast: Antonio Campos, Rafael Campos y Rafael Rivera

Lighting design: Diego Cousido

Music: Lapso Producciones

Dramaturgy and script: Lapso Producciones y Jorge Barroso

Set design: Jorge Barroso “Bifu” / Gonzalo Narbona

Costume design: Angie Paz

Photography: Pepo Herrera

Video: La Buena Estrella Audiovisuales

Comunication: Noletia Comunicación y Gestión Cultural

Executive production and distribution: Lapso Producciones  

“You could say that this unique and wonderful Lapsus, halfway between Clown and slapstick, is born from the thorough work on the” single shot”, it’s about the framed space that only breathes in -the abandoned bus stop, its trap doors and nooks-, and where the actor, gadget handler, is who orchestrates the minimum and ambiguous transitions and absorbs temporality”. Alfonso Crespo. Diario de Sevilla. READ + 


“A perfect piece, tuned with a catching harmony. […] A curious and magical creation and, above all, greatly surprising”. Carlos Herrera Carmona. MasTeatro.comREAD +


“Samples of great artistic ability and delirious imagination define the characters, who along with a set that surprises over and over again all through the show, made the audience, young and adult, stood up at the end of the representation”. Laura Benítez. La Ocioteca Andaluza. READ +

Minimum technical requirements:

Stage dimensions: Street or venue // Height 5m (16 ft) x width 7m ( 23 ft) x length 6m (20 ft)

Requirements for street performances: 

  • Ground level, flat.
  • A fenced backstage is needed.


Please request lighting plan for venue performances.

Please request lighting plan for night street performances.

* If the organization can’t provide all needed technical equipment, the company will consider supplying the equipment when possible.


PA system suitable for the venue.

* The company supplies its own soundboard, professional player and microphones.

Loading and unloading access:

Access and authorization for loading and unloading, as well as parking, are requested.


• Dimensions: Van: Length 6 m (20 ft) + Trailer 2.50 m (8 ft) + extra 1.50 m (5 ft) are needed for the loading and unloading ramp.

• Total length: 10 m (33 ft). Width 1.80 m (6 ft)


• Loading and unloading: 30 minutes

• Installation and testing: 3h 30m

• Dismantling: 30 minutes

• Running time: 50 minutes

Contact us for full technical rider