La Maravilla Gipsy Band

La Maravilla Gipsy Band

La Maravilla Gipsy Bandicono idioma espanol

Up to a dozen artists on the stage with only one task: to set the beat while merging Andalusian music with East European Balkan culture, both of them with strong personalities, with Gipsy and Arabian influences, with nomadic and Mediterranean spirit and full of lively music.

La Maravilla Gipsy Band is a music blending project that nourishes from an endless source of creativeness, highlighting Gipsy cultures: Gipsy, Klezmer, Tzigane… All of it wrapped in humour; humour used as springboard to achieve a total Balkan madness.

  • Genre: Music
  • Duration: variable (between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the agreement)
  • Both street and venue adapted
  • Variable cast: from 3 to 12 musicians + dancers, depending on the agreement.


Percussion instruments:

Rafael Rivera: Bass drum and Mental-Gipsy

David Gutiérrez: Snare drum

Jaime Fernández: Snare drum

Manuel Jiménez “Ballena”: Darbuka (goblet drum)

Wind instruments:

Rafael Campos: Accordion and Gipsy-Guide

Antonio Campos: Trumpet and conductor

Vicente Domínguez: Saxophones ans flute

Juan Carlos Passas “Juanki”: Alto saxophone and flute

Javier Plaza: Trombone

José Vicente Ortega “Cuco”: Euphonium

Manuel M. Moraza “Mane”: Euphonium

Santiago Fuentes: Tuba

Miguel Ángel Alonso: Alto saxophone


Ana Lorenzo “Hala”, Ángela Paz “Angy”

Minimum technical requirements:

Both street and venue adapted.

Requirements for street performances:

  • Ground level or stage.
  • For parades: itinerary must be agreed in advanced.


Please request lighting rider for venue performances.

Please request lighting rider for night street performances.

* If the organization can’t provide all needed technical equipment, the company will consider supplying the equipment when possible.


Unplugged. No extra technical devices needed.

* This conditions are valid for no more that 400-500 people capacity venues or for suitable locations with proper acoustic. Otherwise please request for extra technical requirements.

Loading and unloading access:

Access and authorization for loading and unloading, as well as parking, are requested.


  • 9 seats van + other (depending on the hired crew)


  • Loading and unloading: 10 minutes
  • Installation and testing (venue or night street performance): 2h
  • Dismantling: 30 minutes
Ask for full rider
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